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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Deciphering the molecular role of non-coding RNA in malignant cardiac diseaseSharma I; Behl T; Sehgal A; Sachdeva M; Singh S; Sharma N; Bungau S
2021An extensive review on the consequences of chemical pesticides on human health and environmentRani L; Thapa K; Kanojia N; Sharma N; Singh S; Grewal A.S; Srivastav A.L; Kaushal J.
2021Design and synthesis of newer N-benzimidazol-2yl benzamide analogues as allosteric activators of human glucokinaseSingh S; Arora S; Dhalio E; Sharma N; Arora K; Grewal A.S.
2021Evaluation of immunostimulant activity and inhibition of cytokine storm activity of proprietary herbal formulation virulina�Arora S; Sharma A; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh T G
2021Elucidating the role of heat shock protein in diabetic retinopathySheetu Behl T; Singh S; Sharma N; Sehgal A; Sharma S; Hafeez A; Bungau S
2021Polymeric nanoparticles for breast cancer therapy: A comprehensive reviewGrewal I K; Singh S; Arora S; Sharma N
2021Recent updates on free fatty acid receptor 1 (Gpr-40) agonists for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitusRani L; Grewal A S; Sharma N; Singh S
2021Exploring the recent molecular targets for diabetes and associated complicationsGupta A; Behl T; Sehgal A; Bhardwaj S; Singh S; Sharma N; Hafeez A
2021Exploring the focal role of pyroptosis in diabetes mellitusSharma I; Behl T; Sehgal A; Singh S; Sharma N; Singh H; Hafeez A; Bungau S
2021Role of TLR2 and TLR4 Signaling in Parkinson�s Disease: An Insight into Associated Therapeutic PotentialKaur G; Behl T; Sehgal A; Singh S; Sharma N; Kumar A; Arora S; Bungau S