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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Thiolation of biopolymers for developing drug delivery systems with enhanced mechanical and mucoadhesive properties: A reviewPuri V.; Sharma A; Kumar P; Singh I.
2020High Rejection plus Shape Radiating Patch Triple Notched UWB/X Band Reconfigurable Monopole Antenna for Imaging and Close Range Radar ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.
2020Carbon Credit Issuance: Accounting Based Financial PerformanceKumar P; Mittal A; Firoz M.
2020Dielectric Studies in Spherical Silica Nanoparticles doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal MixtureKaur G; Singh A.K; Yadav S; Kumar P; Malik P.
2020Thermo-acoustic investigations of molecular interactions in CuO nano particles contained aqueous solutions of some glycolsSingh K; Dhiman M; Kumar P; Gupta D.P; Singh D.P; Upmanyu A.
2020Study on anchoring strength and droplet morphology of cnts doped polymer dispersed liquid crystalSharma V; Gahrotra R; Kumar P; Raina K.K.
2020Biopolymeric, nanopatterned, fibrous carriers for wound healing applicationsSharma A; Puri V; Kumar P; Singh I
2020Textural and electro-optical study of a room temperature nematic liquid crystal 4?-pentyl-4-biphenylcarbonitrile doped with metal oxide nanowires in planar and in-plane switching cell configurationsSharma A; Kumar P; Malik P.
2020Dielectric and electro-optic studies of a ferroelectric liquid crystal dispersed with different sizes of silica nanoparticlesKaur G; Kumar P; Singh A.K; Jayoti D; Malik P.
2020Derivatized Carbon Nanotubes for Gene Therapy in Mammalian and Plant CellsSingh A; Hua Hsu M; Gupta N; Khanra P; Kumar P; Prakash Verma V; Kapoor M.