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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020High Rejection plus Shape Radiating Patch Triple Notched UWB/X Band Reconfigurable Monopole Antenna for Imaging and Close Range Radar ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.
2020RF PIN diodes triggered frequecny reconfigurable multiband (UMTS/Bluetooth/WiMAX) antenna for applications in wireless systemSharma M; Vikas V; Kumar N.
2019Switchable Multiband Reconfigurable CPW-Fed Multiband Monopole Antenna for GSM1900/LTE2600/WiMAX Wireless ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.
2019MIMO Antenna with Superwideband Bandwidth Including Dual Notched Band Characteristics for UWB/X/Ku Band Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Kapil M; Kumar N.
2019Tri-Band Monopole Antenna for UMTS (1920-2170 MHz), WiMAX (3.4-3.6GHz) and WLAN (5.15-5.35GHz) Wireless ApplicationsKaul C; Kumar N; Sharma M.
2020An ultra-compact four-port 4 � 4 superwideband MIMO antenna including mitigation of dual notched bands characteristics designed for wireless network applicationsSharma M; Dhasarathan V; Patel S.K; Nguyen T.K.
2020Design, analysis and characterization of four port multiple-input-multiple-output UWB-X band antenna with band rejection ability for wireless network applicationsDhasarathan V; Nguyen T.K; Sharma M; Patel S.K; Mittal S.K; Pandian M.T.
2020Latest trends and techniques of multibanding in Microstrip patch antennas for wireless applicationsGeetanjali; Kaushik A; Singh A; Malik V.
2020Design and Analysis of Multiband Antenna for Wireless CommunicationSharma M.
2020A UWB MIMO antenna with circular ring slotted dual notched band high isolation between two input ports for wireless network applicationsSingh D.P; Sharma M.