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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Nutraceuticals in neurological disordersMakkar R; Behl T; Bungau S; Zengin G; Mehta V; Kumar A; Uddin M.S; Ashraf G.M; Abdel-Daim M.M; Arora S; Oancea R.
2020Synthesis of physically crosslinked PVA/Chitosan loaded silver nanoparticles hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties and antibacterial effectsKumar A; Behl T; Chadha S.
2020Restoration of the attenuated neuroprotective effect of ischemic postcon-ditioning in diabetic mice by sglt inhibitor phlorizinMehta V; Kumar A; Jaggi A S; Singh N
2021The Interplay of ABC Transporters in A? Translocation and Cholesterol Metabolism: Implicating Their Roles in Alzheimer�s DiseaseBehl T; Kaur I; Sehgal A; Kumar A; Uddin M.S; Bungau S.
2020Gesture-based model of mixed reality human-computer interfaceKumar A; Mantri A.
2019Collaborative methodologies for pattern evaluation for web personalization using Semantic Web MiningBhargava R; Kumar A; Gupta S.
2020Development of modified apple polysaccharide capped silver nanoparticles loaded with mesalamine for effective treatment of ulcerative colitisKaur G; Singh S.K; Kumar R; Kumar B; Kumari Y; Gulati M; Pandey N.K; Gowthamarajan K; Ghosh D; Clarisse A; Wadhwa S; Mehta M; Satija S; Dua K; Dureja H; Gupta S; Singh P.K; Kapoor B; Chitranshi N; Kumar A; Porwal O.
2020Exploring the molecular approach of COX and LOX in Alzheimer�s and Parkinson�s disorderKumar A; Behl T; Jamwal S; Kaur I; Sood A; Kumar P.
2020Role of Nrf2 in rheumatoid arthritisChadha S; Behl T; Kumar A; Khullar G; Arora S.
2020Ubiquitination in rheumatoid arthritisBehl T; Chadha S; Sachdeva M; Kumar A; Hafeez A; Mehta V; Bungau S.