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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Nefopam hydrochloride loaded microspheres for post-operative pain management: synthesis, physicochemical characterization and in-vivo evaluationSharma N; Arora S; Madan J.
2019Investigational study on awareness of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) among people of Zirakpur (Punjab) regionGupta M; Kaur A; Singh T.G; Arora S; Bedi O.
2019Formulation development and antimicrobial evaluation of polyherbal soapSindhu R.K; Chitkara M; Kaur G; Kaur A; Arora S; Sandhu I.S.
2020Review article phytochemical activities and pharmacology of herbal drug: Nardostachys jatamansiDhiman S; Arora G; Thukral A; Babbar R; Arora S; Singh T G
2020Review article moringa gum: A comprehensive review on its physicochemical and functional propertiesSonika S; Dhiman S; Singh T G; Arora G; Arora S
2020Development and validation of uv-spectroscopy analytical method for estimation of lafutidine in solid nano-dispersionSingh S; Garg K; Sharma N; Sharma S; Arora S
2020Pde4 inhibition : An emerging therapeutic strategy in liver diseasesGrewal A S; Thapa K; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh R; Singh K; Arora S
2021Role of metallic pollutants in neurodegeneration: effects of aluminum, lead, mercury, and arsenic in mediating brain impairment events and autism spectrum disorderKaur I; Behl T; Aleya L; Rahman M H; Kumar A; Arora S; Akter R
2021Deciphering the neuroprotective role of glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists in diabetic neuropathy: Current perspective and future directionsMehta K; Behl T; Kumar A; Uddin M S; Zengin G; Arora S
2021Exploring the multifocal role of phytochemicals as immunomodulatorsBehl T; Kumar K; Brisc C; Rus M; Nistor-Cseppento D C; Bustea C; Aron R A C; Pantis C; Zengin G; Sehgal A; Kaur R; Kumar A; Arora S; Setia D; Chandel D; Bungau S