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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A heterogeneous speech feature vectors generation approach with hybrid hmm classifiersKadyan V; Mantri A; Aggarwal R.K.
2017Comparative Evaluation of Hot Corrosion Resistance of 83WC�17CO and 86WC�10CO�4Cr Coatings on Some Boiler Steels in Actual Boiler in Thermal Power PlantSidhu V.P.S; Goyal K; Goyal R.
2017Activated carbon: A potential applicant for solid-state hydrogen storageOberoi A.S; Singh B; Remeli M.F; Singh N.
2017Photoluminescence and photo-catalytic properties of Zn1?x?yCuxMnyS nanostructuresKumar D; Monga R; Sandhu I.S; Bhatti H.S; Singh K.
2017Different I/O Standard and Technology Based Thermal Aware Energy Efficient Vedic Multiplier Design for Green Wireless Communication on FPGAGoswami K; Pandey B; Kumar T; Hussain D.M.A.
2017Efficient spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks using hybridized particle swarm intelligence and ant colony algorithmJhajj H.K; Garg R; Saluja N.
2017Comparative study of corrosion behaviour of HVOF-coated boiler steel in actual boiler environment of a thermal power plantSidhu V.P.S; Goyal K; Goyal R.
2017Identification of malicious edge devices in fog computing environmentsSandhu R; Sohal A.S; Sood S.K.
2017Studies of absorption coefficient cum electro-optic performance of polymer dispersed liquid crystal doped with CNT and dichroic dyeSharma V; Kumar P.
2017Concentrated solar thermal thermoelectric power generation under natural and forced convection coolingDee S; Singh B; Remeli M.F; Tan L; Oberoi A.