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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2021TEST ConferencesA, B
2021Estimation of entrance surface air kerma in digital radiographic examinationsChanchal Kaushik, Inderjeet Singh Sandhu , A.K. Srivastava, and Mansi Chitkara
2021Safeguarding the frontier covidians during the COVID-19 pandemic: Scuffles and proposed strategiesVijay V.R; Krishnan N; Issac A; Jacob J; Stephen S; Rakesh V.R; Kang H.K; Dhandapani M.
2021Effectiveness of transport guidelines on intra hospital transport practices of nurses and occurrence of mishaps among critically ill patientsSakshi G; Sembian N; Vinay K.
2021Challenges of the Caregivers in Managing a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder� A Qualitative AnalysisManmeet Kaur Tathgur, Harmeet Kaur Kang
2021Impact of COVID-19 on Indian optometrists: A student, educator, and practitioner's perspectiveSehgal S; Shinde L; Madheswaran G; Mukherjee P; Verkicharla P; Easwaran S; Bandamwar K.
2021Effect of visceral manipulation on forward head posture in subjects with chronic non-specific neck pain � a pilot study [Efeito da manipula��o visceral na postura da cabe�a para frente em sujeitos com dor pesco�o cr�nica n�o espec�fica-um estudo piloto]Yangdol S; Gandhi B.K.
2021Status of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) and complement system in COVID-19 patients and therapeutic applications of antiviral plant MBLsGupta A; Gupta G.S.
2021Prevalence of mental health disorders among undergraduate university students in the United States: A reviewKaur Kang H; Rhodes C; Rivers E; Thornton C.P; Rodney T.
2021Effectiveness of laughter therapy on reduction of stress among nursing studentsGuleria K; Manta P.