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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Metabolite characterization, antioxidant, anti-proliferative and enzyme inhibitory activities of Lophira lanceolata Tiegh. ex Keay extractsSinan K.I; Mahomoodally M.F; Lobine D; Behl T; Zengin G.
2020The lipid paradox as a metabolic checkpoint and its therapeutic significance in ameliorating the associated cardiovascular risks in rheumatoid arthritis patientsBehl T; Kaur I; Sehgal A; Zengin G; Brisc C; Brisc M.C; Munteanu M.A; Nistor-Cseppento D.C.; Bungau S.
2020A rationalized and innovative perspective of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology in chronic wound managementKumar A; Behl T; Chadha S.
2020Ameliorative effect of selegiline in high fat diet induced obesity rat model: Possible role of dopaminergic pathwayGoyal A; Sharma A; Sharma D; Behl T; Kamboj A; Babu A.
2020Understanding the Role of Inflammasomes in Rheumatoid ArthritisMakkar R; Behl T; Bungau S; Kumar A; Arora S.
2019Mdm2-P53 interaction inhibitor with cisplatin enhances apoptosis in colon and prostate cancer cells in-vitroGupta A; Behl T; Heer H.R; Deshmukh R
2019Reactivation of p53 gene by MDM2 inhibitors: A novel therapy for cancer treatmentGupta A; Shah K; Oza M.J; Behl T
2020COVID-19 Outbreak: Pathogenesis, Current Therapies, and Potentials for Future ManagementHossain M.F; Hasana S; Mamun A.A; Uddin M.S; Wahed M.I.I; Sarker S; Behl T; Ullah I; Begum Y; Bulbul I.J; Amran M.S; Rahman M.H; Bin-Jumah M.N; Alkahtani S; Mousa S.A; Aleya L; Abdel-Daim M.M.
2020Exploring the potential of therapeutic agents targeted towards mitigating the events associated with amyloid-? cascade in Alzheimer�s diseaseBehl T; Kaur I; Fratila O; Brata R; Bungau S.
2020Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: The key for survivalGheorghe G; Bungau S; Ilie M; Behl T; Vesa C.M; Brisc C; Bacalbasa N; Turi V; Costache R.S; Diaconu C.C.