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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Review article acetylcholinesterase inhibitors: A milestone to treat neurological disordersKaur A; Anand C; Singh T.G; Dhiman S; Babbar R.
2020Revisiting the amyloid cascade hypothesis: From anti-a? therapeutics to auspicious new ways for alzheimer�s diseaseUddin M.S; Kabir M.T; Rahman M.S; Behl T; Jeandet P; Ashraf G.M; Najda A; Bin-Jumah M.N; El-Seedi H.R; Abdel-Daim M.M.
2020Alzheimer�s disorder: Epigenetic connection and associated risk factorsSharma V K; Mehta V; Singh T G
2021Multifaceted role of matrix metalloproteinases in neurodegenerative diseases: Pathophysiological and therapeutic perspectivesBehl T; Kaur G; Sehgal A; Bhardwaj S; Singh S; Buhas C; Judea-Pusta C; Uivarosan D; Munteanu M A; Bungau S
2019Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of chalcone based compounds in Alzheimer's diseaseSingh M; Saini B; Singh T.G; Chander J; Satija S; Arora S.
2020Navigating Alzheimer�s disease via chronic stress: The role of glucocor-ticoidsSharma V K; Singh T G
2021The Interplay of ABC Transporters in A? Translocation and Cholesterol Metabolism: Implicating Their Roles in Alzheimer�s DiseaseBehl T; Kaur I; Sehgal A; Kumar A; Uddin M.S; Bungau S.
2020Exploring the molecular approach of COX and LOX in Alzheimer�s and Parkinson�s disorderKumar A; Behl T; Jamwal S; Kaur I; Sood A; Kumar P.
2020Molecular mechanism of zinc neurotoxicity in Alzheimer�s diseaseNarayanan S.E; Rehuman N.A; Harilal S; Vincent A; Rajamma R.G; Behl T; Uddin M.SAshraf G.M; Mathew B.
2020Counteracting role of nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 pathway in Alzheimer's diseaseSharma V; Kaur A; Singh T.G.