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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Insulin resistance and bioenergetic manifestations: Targets and approaches in Alzheimer's diseaseSharma V.K; Singh T.G.
2020Molecular docking guided screening of phenolic compounds from ginkgo biloba as multi-potent Anti Alzheimer's agentsGrewal A S; Sharma N; Singh S; Kanojia N; Thapa K; Swami R; Grover R
2021An Update of Synthetic Approaches and Structure-Activity Relationships of Various Classes of Human MAO-B InhibitorsSharma P; Singh M; Mathew B.
2021Anti-neuroinflammatory potential of polyphenols by inhibiting nf-?b to halt alzheimer's diseaseUddin M S; Hasana S; Ahmad J; Hossain M F; Rahman M M; Behl T; Rauf A; Ahmad A; Hafeez A; Perveen A; Ashraf G M
2020Multifarious roles of mTOR signaling in cognitive aging and cerebrovascular dysfunction of Alzheimer's diseaseUddin M.S; Rahman M.A; Kabir M.T; Behl T; Mathew B; Perveen A; Barreto G.E; Bin-Jumah M.N; Abdel-Daim M.M; Ashraf G.M.
2020Creb: A multifaceted target for alzheimer�s diseaseSharma V K; Singh T G
2020Cyclic nucleotides signaling and phosphodiesterase inhibition: Defying Alzheimer�s diseaseSharma V K; Singh T G; Singh S
2020Emerging proof of protein misfolding and interactions in multifactorial alzheimer's diseaseUddin M S; Mamun A A; Rahman M A; Behl T; Perveen A; Hafeez A; Bin-Jumah M N; Abdel-Daim M M; Ashraf G M
2021Molecular genetics of early- and late-onset alzheimer�s diseaseUddin M S; Hasana S; Hossain M F; Islam M S; Behl T; Perveen A; Hafeez A; Ashraf G M
2021Exploring potential of alkaloidal phytochemicals targeting neuroinflammatory signaling of alzheimer's diseaseUddin M S; Kabir M T; Mamun A A; Behl T; Mansouri R A; Aloqbi A A; Perveen A; Hafeez A; Ashraf G M