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Title: Empirical Evaluation of Deployment Model for Enhancing the Performance of WSBN Based System
Authors: ., Vidhyotma
Keywords: WSBN Based System
Issue Date: 15-May-2020
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN) originates from the deep research on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Although WBSN is similar to WSN, it is different at node size, networking protocols, ubiquity level (scale of range), mobility support, the required accuracy and many more. WBSN is the root of bioengineering and has many application areas like healthcare, defense, sports and so on. This study focuses on the revolutionary contribution of WBSN in the healthcare field. Usually, WBSN consists of tiny biosensor nodes, network routing protocols, communication protocols and the server (private or global). Latent Semantic Algorithm (LSA), a topic modeling algorithm was applied to find out the core research areas and related trends in WBSN systems. The five core research areas defined in WBSN were “Recording of biophysical parameters,” “Cloud and IoT enabled WBSN services,” “WBSN driven smart healthcare solutions,” “Resource management with WBSN,” “Communicating biophysical parameters.” State of the art has identified noticeable contributions of WBSN in healthcare applications but, WBSN systems are facing challenges in terms of energy efficiency, accuracy and reliability. WBSN deployment models were studied to enhance their efficacy in terms of energy consumption and accuracy. WBSN data recording and communication classes have dragged attention during this research. An Energy Efficient and Reliable (EER) algorithm was proposed to increase the energy efficiency and the reliability of WBSN based systems. A WBSN-HAR model with large superframe size and data encapsulation methods was proposed for energy efficiency.
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