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Title: An Experimental Investigation on Surface & Edge Quality of Carbon Steel during Face Milling
Authors: Singh, Kulwinder
Keywords: Surface
Edge Quality
Carbon Steel
Face Milling
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2020
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: Under various manufacturing process, machining process has its own significance to generate a finished product with good surface finish, burr free edge and dimensions in tight tolerance. Machining is a metal removal process, performed to shape the final product by removing the material in the forms of chips. Face milling operation is commonly used operation in various industrial sectors such as automobile, aerospace, press tools and ship building etc. Burr formation on edge during face milling is a common phenomenon. Among all quality characteristics such as surface finish, material removal rate; burr free edge is also a big challenge for machining sector. Machining parameters and machining strategies have a vital role in milling to attain the required quality characteristic. Under machining strategies, consideration of cutter offset and rolling direction has been emerged to improve the machinability. Cutter offset is the distance between the cutter rotational axis and the central axis of work piece. It controls the area under conventional and climb milling during face milling operation which further affects the machinability. Furthermore, consideration of rolling direction also affects the performance of machining
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