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Title: Study on Employee Competencies for Managing the Evolving Business Environment
Authors: Rasheed, Mohammod Abdula
Keywords: Employee Competencies
Business Environment
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2020
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: The beginning of globalization has encouraged organizations and its pioneers to think and act globally to have the upper hand on their competitors. In developing nations, the economy will be developed until they properly develop their human resources by giving proper training and education. In like manner, an organization can't gain any ground except if it has well trained, effective and adequately motivated work-group. So also, people can't determine work satisfaction and lead to an elevated standard of living except if they are well trained and exceptionally energetic. All these need the environment of human work relations. Indian organizations are seeing an adjustment in frameworks, administration, and rationality because of the worldwide arrangement of Indian organizations. Since the time of its independence, India has been witnessed many phases of growth in terms of its socio-economic landscape as compared to its peers in Asia. India as a country has progressed in bringing out the basic framework to drive the economy to a high growth path by creating basic infrastructure like building roads and ports and ramping up the food grain production. However, its fastestgrowing population trend and infrastructure woes stipulate more work to be done on numerous fronts. Without a doubt, any organization's achievement relies upon how it deals with its assets. A company's assets move it towards its objectives, similarly as a motor impels a car towards its goal. Human Resources (HR) of an organization is a collection of aggregate mastery, advancement, administration, pioneering and administrative aptitudes of the employees of an organization. Human asset is an imperative resource of any organization and the effectiveness of any organizations relies on the manner in which it has used their human resources. Each industry has its own human capital.
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