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Title: Impact of Positive Psychology on Indian Youth and Education
Authors: Grover, Rajat
Keywords: psychology
indian youth
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2020
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: Nowadays, the research on positive psychology in the education sector has attained significant research attention. Nevertheless, the body of knowledge is yet fragmented, and the relationships between the students’ positive psychology, emotional indicators, and the perception towards the education system are yet unclear. Accordingly, this study aims to identify the dimensions of positive psychology and emotional indicators of students. Subsequently, the study aims to investigate the impact of emotional indicators on positive psychology as well as the impact of positive psychology on the students’ perception of the educational system. In doing so, the study developed ten following research hypotheses: (1) happiness positively impacts positive psychology; (2) positive emotions positively impacts positive psychology; (3) sad negatively impacts positive psychology; (4) anger positively impacts positive psychology; (5) disgust negatively impacts positive psychology; (6) fear negatively impacts positive psychology; (7) positive mindfulness positively impacts perception towards education; (8) positive purpose positively impacts perception towards education; (9) optimism positively impacts perception towards education, and (10) positive health positively impacts perception towards education. This study is based on exploratory and descriptive research designs that further tests the cause and effect relationships among different study constructs. A survey of students was carried out using a questionnaire. A total of 1500 questionnaires were distributed using random sampling techniques to students within three cities of India, namely Mumbai, Pune, and Chandigarh. But, only 566 valid questionnaires were received in return which manifests 37.73% of survey response rate
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