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Title: Valuation of Art as an Investment: A Study on Miniature Paintings in India
Authors: Ghosh, Sourabh
Keywords: Miniature Paintings
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2019
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: The Indian Economy has undergone enormous changes since the advent of Economic Liberalization which was initiated in 1991. Over the past few decades, with the economy opening up, the GDP growing at a healthy pace and the Stock Markets booming, the purchasing power available with the upper middle class has increased manifold. Combined with the above, the easy accessibility of data enhanced by the Internet Revolution, and the boom in the Digital Economy, has made flow of information more seamless and more readily available. With traditional investment avenues already in vogue, the well informed investor today looks at alternate modes and avenues for investment. It is in this background that investment in Art and Collectibles has been growing in popularity over the years. While diversification of risks and higher returns definitely form one of the major drivers behind such Investments, the new and well-informed investor also has a keen eye for aesthetics and a sense of collecting and preserving a part of our cultural heritage and history.
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