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Title: A Framework to Identify the Antecedents Influencing the Choice of Higher Education Institutions in India
Authors: Dhaliwal, Manjinder Singh
Keywords: India
Higher Education Institutions
Antecedents Influencing
Higher Education
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2019
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: Higher education organizations are dealing with multifaceted difficulties. Specifically, their working condition is experiencing most important changes, including variations in the need of the demand, influential worldwide competition and decline in financial aid (Simões and Soares, 2010; Veloutsou, Lewis and Paton 2004; Gibbs, 2001; Jarvis, 2000; Kallio, 1995). As a consequence of it, institutional thought is progressively centered on gaining high-end resources and students. A more profound understanding of the sources of data for the students resort to when applying to higher education is needed. Student employment practices play a vital role in decision making, since such a comprehension may enormously upgrade higher education institution marketing strategies (Simões and Soares, 2010). Also, from a candidate's viewpoint, it is pivotal that sufficient data is accessible with the goal that a precise choice can be made (Briggs & Wilson 2007; Briggs, 2006). A line of the request has concentrated on standard student’s decision models in context with higher education institution decision conduct (Vrontis, Thrassou and Melanthiou 2007; Reybold, Halx and Jimenez, 2008; Kim, Chang and Park, 2009; Shapiro and Stefkovich, 2016). Explicit viewpoints identified with organizations’ administrations have directed an investigation breaking down the administration quality in college providing food services (Gallarza et al., 2016; Ali et al., 2016; Makai et al., 2014). However, exact investigations tending to enumerate parts of the higher education institution choice making process are rare and those that do exist allude to express fields of study (West, Newell and Titus, 2001).
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