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Title: Modeling the Antecedents of a Voice Based Outsourcing Destination - A Comparison of Philippines and India
Authors: Mitra, Subhashish
Keywords: India
Voice Based Outsourcing Destination
Issue Date: 27-May-2017
Publisher: Chitkara University Punjab
Abstract: Every nation in this world has its own location attractiveness which can be uniquely recognized for its human resources competencies, geographical background, historical background, natural resources, culture, economy, infrastructure, technology and business environment. With the emerging and changing trends in the business environment which has started relying almost on electronic digital concepts - the internet for sharing of voluminous information’s and strategies throughout world has influenced the life style of people. It is not wrong to admit with the pace of changes in the global business trends and technologies. The time will reach very soon when culture across the world will share many commonalities among people, which can be easily noticed in their dynamic lifestyles. As after globalization many developed nations such as US, UK and Canada have started launching their business at offshore locations such as Philippines, India and China with taking almost the huge advantages of the concept of ‘Business process outsourcing’ as one of significant tool, utilizing resources availability and competencies of the people of specific nation.
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