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Title: Majority Gate Based High Performance Memory Cell Design Withleast Feature Size
Authors: Sandhu, Amanpreet
Keywords: Majority Gate
Memory Cell Design
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2019
Publisher: Chitkara University
Abstract: The Conventional Complementary Metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology have been revolutionized from the past few decades. However, the CMOS circuits faces serious constraints like short channel effects, quantum effects, doping fluctuations at the nanoscale which limits them to further scaling down at nano meter range. Due to these limitations, the current trends of CMOS will saturate in the near future. Researchers are in search of new nanotechnologies which can take over the limitations of traditional CMOS device design. Among various existing nanotechnologies, Quantum dot Cellular Automata (QCA) provides a new solution at nanocircuit design. It is one of the innovative technologies that can overcome all the mentioned disadvantages of present CMOS circuits and can design the circuits at the nano scale. QCA represents the information in binary form only.
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