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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2016Analysis of the Lepton Mixing Matrix in the Two Higgs Doublet ModelGuevara, E. Barradas; Beltran, O. Felix; Canales, F. Gonzalez; Hernandez, E. Gonzalez; Jauregui, E. Rodriguez; Mora, M. Zeleny
8-Aug-2016Correlation Between Underground Radon Gas and Dormant Geological FaultsLópez, J. A.; Ornelas, O. Dena; Bohus, L. Sajo; Rodríguez, G.; Chavarría, I.
8-Aug-2016Stability of Aspartic Acid at 77°K under Gamma Radiation in a Comet Cores Simulation: Implications for Chemical Evolution StudiesLópez, A. L. Meléndez; Bernal, S. Ramos; Mendoza, A. Negrón
8-Aug-2016On the Equivalent Sources and Geometric Factor Calculation for a Circular Detection CaseViloria A, Tony; Montiel, Luis; Bohus, Laszlo Sajo; Palacios, Daniel
8-Aug-2016Radiolysis of Serine in High Radiation FieldOvando, Ellen Y. Aguilar; Mendoza, Alicia Negrón
8-Aug-2016Emanation Study of Gas Radon on the Ancient Cuexcomate Geyser in Puebla City, MexicoSerrano, J. A. Monarca; Cirilo, M. de Jesús; López, C.Vázquez; Leal, B. E. Zendejas; Golzarri, J. I.; Espinosa, G.
8-Aug-2016X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Fine Atmospheric Aerosols from a Site in Mexico CityLópez, A. E. Hernández; Miranda, J.; Pineda, J. C.
8-Aug-2016Radiolysis and Thermolysis of Cytosine: Importance in Chemical EvolutionCastañeda, J. Cruz; Mendoza, A. Negrón
8-Aug-2016The Indoor Radon Concentration within the Tunnels of the Cholula Pyramid Through a Nuclear Tracks MethodologyFlores, A. Lima; Merino, R. Palomino; Espinosa, E.; Castaño, V. M.; Juárez, E. Merlo; Sanchez, M. Cruz; Espinosa, G.
8-Aug-2016Investigation of the Saturation of Elemental Concentration in the Depth Profile of Low Energy Silver Ion Implants in SiliconDhoubhadel, Mangal S.; Rout, Bibhudutta; Lakshantha, Wickramaarachchige J.; McDaniel, Floyd D.