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Title: On the Role of Large Nuclear Gravity in Understanding Strong Coupling Constant, Nuclear Stability Range, Binding Energy of Isotopes and Magic proton numbers – A Critical Review
Authors: Seshavatharam, U.V.S.
Lakshminarayana, S.
Keywords: Strong nuclear gravity
nuclear elementary charge
strong coupling constant
nuclear stability range
binding energy of isotopes
magic proton numbers
Issue Date: 26-Feb-2018
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: With reference to our earlier published views on large nuclear gravitational constant Gs , nuclear elementary charge es and strong coupling constant 2 αs ≅ e es , in this paper, we present simple relations for nuclear stability range, binding energy of isotopes and magic proton numbers. Even though ‘speculative’ in nature, proposed concepts are simple to understand, easy to implement, result oriented, effective and unified. Our proposed model seems to span across the Planck scale and nuclear scale and can be called as SPAN model (STRANGE* physics of atomic nucleus).
ISSN: Print 2321-8649
Online 2321-9289
Appears in Collections:JNP Volume 6 Number 2 (February - 2019)

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