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Title: Effect of the Target Size in the Calculation of the Energy Deposited Using PENELOPE Code
Authors: Leal-Acevedo, B.
Reyes-Romero, P.G.
Castillo, F.
Gamboadebuen, I.
Keywords: Specific energy
Linear energy
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2018
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: The specific and linear energy was calculated in target sizes of 10 μm, 5 μm, 1 μm, 60 nm, 40nm and 20 nm by taking into account the contribution of the primary photon beams and the electrons generated by them in LiF: Mg, Ti (TLD-100). The simulations were carried out by the code PENELOPE 2011. Using different histories of primary particles, for each energy beams the mean deposited energy is the same, but to achieve a statistical deviation lower than 1% the value of 108 was fixed. We find that setting the values C1 = 0.1 C2 = 0.1 and Wcc = Wcr = 50 eV the time of simulation decreases around the 25%. The uncertainties (1 SD) in the specific energy increases with energy for all target sizes and decreases with target size, with values from 1.7 to 94% for 20 nm and between 0.1 and 0.8% for 10 μm. As expected, the specific and linear energies decrease with target size but not in a geometrical behavior.
ISSN: Online 2321-9289
Print 2321-8649
Appears in Collections:JNP Volume 6 Number 1 (August - 2018)

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