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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2018Enhancement in the Photoluminescence Properties of SiO2:Ge Embedded in a Polymeric MatrixJimenez, G. Lesly; Falcony, C.; Vazquez-Lopez, C.; Golzarri, J. I.; Espinosa, G
6-Aug-2018Gamma Radiation Doses Effects on Mechanical Properties and Microwave Absorption Capacity of Rubber Doped ConcreteColín, J.; Castillo, F.; Peralta-Abarca, J.C.; Leal, B.; Flores, O.; Gamboa, I.; Martínez, H.
6-Aug-2018In silico Analysis of the Structural Properties of PSMA and its Energetic Relationship with Zn as CofactorFuentes, M.A.; Mandujano, L. A.; López, R.; Guarneros, L.R.; Azorín, E.; Osorio-González, D.
6-Aug-2018In vitro Study of the Survival, Reproduction and Morphology of Daphnia pulicaria irradiated with a Low Energy LaserZaldivar, F.; Montoya, J.; Gonzalez, S.; Mandujano, L.A.; Mendez-Sanchez, J. F.; Romero, L.; Mulia, J.; Paulin, M.; Osorio-Gonzalez, D.
6-Aug-2018Laser Radiation Effects on AdenineHallado, L.X.; Poveda, J.C.; Prieto, E.; Guerrero, A.; Álvarez, I.
6-Aug-2018Ionizing Radiation, an Instrument in Chemical Evolution Studies: Scope and PerspectivesAguilar-Ovando, E Y; Negron-Mendoza, A; Ramirez-Vazquez, M L; Acosta-Fernandez, R C
6-Aug-2018Agent Based Model of the Cytosine Radiation Induced ReactionRivera, A L; Ramos-Beltran, S; Paredes-Arriaga, A; Negron-Mendoza, A
6-Aug-2018Gamma Dosimetry Using Some Dyes in Organic Solvents Solutions at 295 and 77 KMelendez-Lopez, A L; Paredes-Arriaga, A; Cruz-Castaneda, J; Negron-Mendoza, A; Ramos-Bernal, S; Colin-Garcia, M; Heredia, A
6-Aug-2018Study of Solid-State Radiolysis of Behenic, Fumaric, and Sebacic Acids for their Possible Use as Gamma Dosimeters Measured Via ATR-FT-IR SpectroscopyCastañeda, J. Cruz; Meléndez-López, A. L.; Heredia, A.; Ramosbernal, S.; Negrón-Mendoza, A.
6-Aug-2018Dose Calibration and Track Diameter Distribution for 241Am-Be Neutron Source, Using CR-39 Nuclear Track MethodologyBogard, J. S.; Golzarri, J. I.; Espinosa, G.
6-Aug-2018Synthesis of MgB4O7:Dy3+ and Thermoluminescent Characteristics at Low Doses of Beta RadiationLegorreta-Alba, O; Cruz-Zaragoza, E; Díaz, D; Marcazzó, J
6-Aug-2018Effect of the Target Size in the Calculation of the Energy Deposited Using PENELOPE CodeLeal-Acevedo, B.; Reyes-Romero, P.G.; Castillo, F.; Gamboadebuen, I.
6-Aug-2018Analysis of the Energy Deposit in the Air by Radiation of Alpha Particles Emitted by the Water of a Spring Through the Geant4 SoftwareFlores, A Lima; Palomino-Merino, R; Moreno-Barbosa, E; Domínguez-Kondo, JN; Castaño, VM; Chavarría Sánchez, AC; Golzarri, JI; Espinosa, G
6-Aug-2018Improvements to the X-ray Spectrometer at the Aerosol Laboratory, Instituto de F�sica, UNAMMejía-Ponce, L V; Hernández-López, A E; Reynoso-Cruces, S; Pineda, J C; Mendoza-Flores, J A; Miranda, J
6-Aug-2018Jung's Theorem Applied in Nuclear Track MethodologyChacin, G.; Sajo-Bohus, L.; Rojas Hancco, J.J.; Espinosa, G.
6-Aug-2018Temperature Effects in the Composition of Metal Halide Perovskite thin FilmsCastro-Colin, M.; Banuelos, L.; Diaz-Moreno, C.; Hodges, D.; Ramirez-Homs, E.; Korolkov, D.; Sharmin, N.; Lopez, J. A.
6-Aug-2018Annihilation of Dipolar Dark Matter: XX→YYBarradas-Guevara, E.; Díaz-Cruz, J. L.; Félix Beltrán, O. G.; Arellano Celiz, C.
6-Aug-2018Dependence on the Identification of the Scale Energy Parameter ∼Q2 in the Quark Distribution Functions for a DIS Production of ZaGómez-Bock, M.; Gonzalez, W.; López Lozano, L.; Rosado-Navarro, S.; Rosado, A.
6-Aug-2018Signal of h → mt, tt in v2HDM⊗S3Guevara, E Barradas; Cázarez-Bush, F.; Felix-Beltran, O.; Gonzalez-Canales, F.
6-Aug-2018Spontaneous CP Violation Jarlskog Invariant in SM ⊗ S3Montaño-Peraza, J.; Barradas-Guevara, E.; Félix-Beltrán, O.; Rodríguez-Jáuregui, E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22