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Title: Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmacological Evaluation of Solanum xanthocarpum Endowed with their potential Activity
Keywords: S. xanthocarpum
DPPH free radical
phytochemical screening
Issue Date: 2-May-2018
Publisher: Chitkara University Publictions
Abstract: The study was done to assess the in-vitro antibacterial potential of various extracts was studied and compared with ciprofloxacin as the standard and shows significant action against E. coli, B. substilis S. aureus, S. pyrogenes, P. aeruginosa, and S. typhi. Anti-fungal potential of the aqueous extract also studied using miconazole as standard and shows significant action against A. niger and C. albicans. Anthelmintic potential of the aqueous and ethanolic extracts was also studied on earthworms, Eudrillus eugeniae using albendazole as standard and shows moderate activity. In the present study in-vitro free radical scavenging activity of whole plant material performed. Various crude extracts of S. xanthocarpum was prepared by successive maceration process using various solvents such as; chloroform, petroleum ether (60-80o), acetone, ethanol and distilled water. Each one extract have been chosen to study the free radical inhibitory activity by DPPH radical scavenging method. The preliminary phytochemical screening of extracts showed that sterols, alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, saponins, phenolic compounds, carbohydrates and proteins were present in the plant. Petroleum ether, chloroform, acetone, ethanol and distilled water extracts showed 52.69, 46.15, 21.08, 52.72 and 44.35 % respectively compared to standard ascorbic acid. Acetone extract showed poor inhibition of DPPH radical compared to standard and other extracts also.
ISSN: Online : 2321-2225
Print : 2321-2217
Appears in Collections:JPTRM Volume 6 Number 1 (May - 2018)

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