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Title: Compact 2 � 2/4 � 4 tapered microstrip feed MIMO antenna configuration for high-speed wireless applications with band stop filters
Authors: Sharma M
Vashist P C
Ashtankar P S
Mittal S K
Keywords: 2X2/4X4 MIMO
Channel capacity loss
Envelope correlation coefficient
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering
Abstract: In this research, compact tapered feed 2 � 2/4 � 4 MIMO antenna are presented and investigated. The proposed MIMO antenna consists of a square patch and modified rectangular ground, which is chamfered at edges and etched with two semicircular slots. Likewise, obstruction caused by WiMAX and WLAN interfering bands is also taken care of by introducing notched filters. WiMAX is removed by embedding an rotated T?type stub and a C?type slot eliminates the WLAN band. The proposed antenna configuration covers the usable bandwidth of 3.07 to 11.25 GHz for 2 � 2 MIMO and 2.97 to 11.28 GHz for 4 � 4 MIMO. Also, both the MIMO antennas provide isolation <�20 dB. Proposed MIMO antennas are fabricated and characterized in near, far?field, and diversity performance where envelope correlation coefficient, directive gain (DG), total active reflection coefficient (TARC), and channel capacity loss are simulated and measured. 4 � 4 MIMO antenna configuration provides stable gain with a maximum radiation efficiency of 91% and monopole radiation patterns.
URI: 10.1002/mmce.22500
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