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Title: Computational Design, Analysis and Characterization of Beetle Shaped High Isolation Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Reconfigurable Monopole-Antenna with Dual Band Filters for Wireless Applications
Authors: Sharma M
Singh S
Varma R
Keywords: Beetle shape
Ku band
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Wireless Personal Communications
Abstract: In this research article, a beetle shape Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna including dual notched band characteristics are presented for different wireless band applications (UWB, X-Band and Ku Band) which are also experimentally and computationally investigated. A single evoluation antenna is demonstrated which is than converted to MIMO configuration to overcome the demerits when placed in communication channel. The overall volume of the proposed antenna is 25 � 48 � 0.787 mm� printed on Rogers RT Duroid5870. Dual notched bands are obtained by etching an L-shaped slot on a radiating patch for WiMAX interference and satellite Downlink System interference (DSS) is removed by placing pair of C-shaped parasitic elements near the feed line. The proposed antenna offers measured isolation between two ports less than ? 20 dB in entire operating bandwidth (2.57�19.15 GHz). At non-radiating mode, the radiation efficiency of antenna drops down due to the insertion of stop and filters. The wider impedance bandwidth of the antenna suggest that it is not only capable of working in UWB range but also finds applications in X- and Ku-Band applications allocated for Satellite and RADAR. An antenna is also reconfigured using PIN diodes to control each notched bands independently. Proposed MIMO antenna also offers better diversity performance in terms of ECC < 0.004, DG > 9.95 dB, TARC < ? 40 dB and CCL < 0.4 b/s/Hz in entire operating bandwidth. The antenna also offers a gain of 3.11�4.92dBi and desired radiation pattern making it a suitable candidate for different wireless applications.
URI: 10.1007/s11277-021-08248-y
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