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'Issues and Ideas in Education' is a journal published by Chitkara University under the aegis of Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice-Chancellor, Chitkara University as Editor-in-Chief. This journal has been cogitated with the Vision 'To create a plinth for Intelligentsia with the aim of creation and dissemination of knowledge related to education that is relevant to other domains and facilities in advancements in education and its related fields.' The aforesaid title has been approved by the Office of the Registrar of Newspaper for India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

The mission of the journal is to address the innumerate challenges and issues in the field of education and its related fields in a manner that it brings out the best ideas in the best possible manner.

The journal is devoted to the publication of original research papers, survey articles and review articles from all branches of Education and their application in various disciplines with the specific thrust towards recent developments in the chosen fields. It is an endeavor to promulgate and exchange ideas for research, encourage ingenious and creative thinking so as to provide access to knowledge without any barriers. It has a broad scope that covers fields of education, psychology, philosophy, classroom teaching, evaluation, e-learning, information technology, educational management, administration and supervision, guidance and counseling, training of special children, educational technology, current issues in education and other related areas. Thus, the journal welcomes papers, both in theoretical and applied fields, of original and expository type that address issues of inter-disciplinary nature and cross-curricular dimensions.

Aim and Scope

The aim of the Journal is to offer educationists, teacher educators, administrators, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and theorists at large, the opportunity to share knowledge related to advancements in the field of education and its applications in other disciplines by emphasizing on originality, quality, importance and relevance of published work.

ISSN No. Print : 2320-7655

ISSN No. Online : 2320-8805

Reg. No. : CHAENG/2013/49611

Periodicity :Bi- Annually

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