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Title: Resource management in fog computing using clustering techniques: A systematic study
Authors: Malik S
Gupta K
Singh M.
Keywords: Clustering
Fog Node
Cloud Computing
resource management.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis din Arad
Abstract: As the IoT is evolving day by day in order to provide optimal services to end users, various Emerging technologies of clouds are being integrated with cloud IoT to provide seamless delivery of services to the end users. For end devices it is beneficial to take best out of the emerging technologies of this fog-cloud scenario. In our paper, various resource management approaches used to overcome load on Fog Nodes are discussed. A study of different Clustering based techniques used by different researchers in the area of machine learning is presented. Some of the significant works are highlighted in the literature survey where clustering techniques are implemented on nodes to enhance resource utilization.
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