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Title: Integrated bluetooth/LTE2600 superwideband monopole antenna with triple notched (WiMAX/WLAN/DSS) band characteristics for UWB/X/Ku band wireless network applications
Authors: Dhasarathan V
Sharma M
Kapil M
Vashist P.C
Patel S.K
Nguyen T.K.
Keywords: Bluetooth
Triple notch
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: In this manuscript, a compact superwideband monopole antenna with triple notched band characteristics is presented and is experimentally investigated. Proposed antenna is also suitable for lower band of applications including Bluetooth and LTE2600 bands. Superwideband bandwidth with bandwidth ratio ? 10:1 is obtained by using two identical ellipse which are placed at 70� with reference to major axis. A fractal stub is used to notch WiMAX interfering band while WLAN and DSS bands are notched by etching modified rectangular slots on the radiating patch. Antenna also constitutes slotted ground with chamfered corners for better matching of impedance. Proposed antenna is also investigated in terms of frequency, time and space domain. Antenna offers a wider superwideband bandwidth with VSWR ? 2 for 2.34 GHz to 20.00 GHz. In time domain, antenna offers constant group delay in entire operating bandwidth and acceptable impulse response for input signal. Also, antenna offers maximum gain of 4.98 dBi and radiation efficiency of 89%. Stable radiation pattern and above features of proposed antenna suggest antenna to be a good candidate for numerous applications in wireless system.
URI: 10.1007/s11276-019-02230-0
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