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dc.contributor.authorSharma P-
dc.contributor.authorSharma K-
dc.contributor.authorJatana H.S-
dc.contributor.authorMadan J-
dc.contributor.authorPandey R-
dc.contributor.authorSharma R.-
dc.description.abstractThe major challenges in the modern-day wireless communication systems are increased co-channel interference owing to large number of users and the increased energy consumption owing to high circuit and/or hardware power consumption.en_US
dc.subjectBiopotential amplifieren_US
dc.subjectBulk drivenen_US
dc.subjectLow poweren_US
dc.subjectOperational transconductance amplifieren_US
dc.subjectQuasi-floating gateen_US
dc.titleA 1.1 ?W biopotential amplifier based on bulk-driven quasi-floating gate technique with extremely low-value of offset voltageen_US
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