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Title: High isolation superwideband monopole antenna with mitigation of dual interfering bands (WiMAX/C and satellite communication system in X band) for wireless applications
Authors: Kapil M
Sharma M.
Keywords: DG
Dual Notched Band
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: American Scientific Publishers
Abstract: In this manuscript, a dual notched superwideband Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) monopole antenna is verified in frequency, time and spatial domain. Antenna occupies space of 18340.787 mm3 and is printed on (Rogers RT Duroid5880) microwave substrate. Proposed antenna is capable of covering bandwidth 2.66 GHz�22.31 GHz with bandwidth ratio > 10:1. Proposed antenna rejects WiMAX/C band (3.28 GHz�4.36 GHz) which is obtained by using L-shaped stub connected with ground and X-band satellite downlink/uplink interference is removed by etching inverted U-shaped slit in microstrip feedline. Also, antenna offers maximum gain of and radiation efficiency of 5.30 dBi and 96.20% respectively in operating band. Proposed antenna also shows good diversity performance in terms of ECC (Envelope Correlation Coefficient), DG (Directive Gain) and TARC (Total Active Reflection Coefficient).
URI: 10.1166/jctn.2019.8522
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