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Title: Face recognition: Literature review with emphasis on deep learning
Authors: Moghekar R
Ahuja S.
Keywords: Face recognition
Deep Learning
Low resolution
Pose invariant.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Little Lion Scientific
Abstract: Under the broad umbrella of object recognition, Face recognition is one area with active research for last few decades mainly due to its applications and the challenges in the environment where they are used. The face recognition as a biometric authentication can work without much cooperation of human. The current face recognition techniques perform well in constrained environment but performance degrades in unconstrained environment as the images captured may vary in resolution, illumination, pose, occlusion and expressions. This sometimes makes intra class variance more than the inter class variance and leads to misclassification. In this article, an overview of some of the strategies adopted by the researchers to overcome the challenges like pose variation, low resolution and occlusion in unconstrained environment has been discussed. Moreover, this paper reviews the use of deep learning in face recognition to achieve accuracy at par with humans in image classification tasks. We also discuss the challenges with Deep learning and the strategies adopted to overcome them. This paper provide an up-to-date review of face recognition techniques.
URI: Little Lion Scientific
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