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Title: A Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrode For Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Within A Proton Battery
Authors: Jindal H
Oberoi A.S
Sandhu I.S
Chitkara M.
Keywords: Graphene
Reduced Graphene Oxide
Hydrogen Storage
Fuel Cell Application & Proton Battery.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Transstellar Journal Publications and Research Consultancy Private Limited (TJPRC)
Abstract: Hydrogen may serve as sustainable eco-friendly and renewable energy resources, to meet challenges of climate change and decline of petroleum resources. Solid state hydrogen storage seems to be an appropriate method out of many more, due to high volumetric hydrogen energy density. In the present research work, the reduced graphene oxide synthesised, by chemical co-precipitation method, is explored as electrochemical hydrogen storage material. The novel organic concept employed for the synthesis of reduced graphene oxide using cedrusdeodara and fabrication of a solid electrode is reported. The fabricated electrode from the reduced graphene oxide has been tested in a reversible polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), what we have named as a 'proton battery', for solid-state hydrogen storage by galvanostatic charging and discharging. The electrochemical results of the electrode are analysed and discussed. In the present investigations, the electrochemical hydrogen storage capacity of acedrusdeodara reduced graphene oxide-based porous electrode integrated into a proton battery is found to be 1.44 wt. %. This Proton battery will have potential applications in the automotive industry and renewable energy sector.
URI: 10.24247/ijmperdaug201966
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