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Title: Reengineering framework to enhance the performance of existing software
Authors: Singh J
Singh K
Singh J.
Keywords: Reengineering
decision tree
agile methodology
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Science and Information Organization
Abstract: Term reengineering refers to improve the quality of the system. Continues maintenance and aging degrade the performance of the software system. Right approach and methodology must be adapted to perform reengineering. With lack of right approach and methodology, reengineering itself will be costly and time-consuming. For the process of reengineering main concerns include when to reengineer, how to estimate cost, the right approach for reengineering, and how to validate software enhancement. This research paper proposed a framework to identify the need for reengineering, to estimate the cost of reengineering, and to validate software quality improvement. Research work used the agile methodology to perform tasks of reengineering. Reengineering needs are identified using prediction based decision tree approach. Reengineering is applied using the agile Scrum methodology. Cost estimation is done using story point estimation. Performance analyses are done using complexity measures analysis of the internal design metrics and mean time to execute metric. The research used various automated tools like CKJM ver1.9, Rapid Miner studio ver7.1, and Net beans7.3 framework.
URI: 10.14569/ijacsa.2019.0100570
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