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Title: SA sorting: A novel sorting technique for large-scale data
Authors: Shabaz M
Kumar A.
Keywords: Theory of computation
Design and analysis of algorithms
Data structures design and analysis
Sorting and searching.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Abstract: Sorting is one of the operations on data structures used in a special situation. Sorting is defined as an arrangement of data or records in a particular logical order. A number of algorithms are developed for sorting the data. The reason behind developing these algorithms is to optimize the efficiency and complexity. The work on creating new sorting approaches is still going on. With the rise in the generation of big data, the concept of big number comes into existence. To sort thousands of records either sorted or unsorted, traditional sorting approaches can be used. In those cases, we can ignore the complexities as very minute difference exists in their execution time. But in case the data are very large, where execution time or processed time of billion or trillion of records is very large, we cannot ignore the complexity at this situation; therefore, an optimized sorting approach is required. Thus, SA sorting is one of the approaches developed to check sorted big numbers as it works better on sorted numbers than quick sort and many others. It can also be used to sort unsorted records as well.
URI: 10.1155/2019/3027578
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