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Title: Designing of CZTSSe Based SnS Thin Film Solar Cell for Improved Conversion Efficiency: A Simulation Study with SCAPS
Authors: Shivani
Madan J
Pandey R
Sharma R.
Keywords: Solar cell
thin film.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: There has been a persisting requirement to look for alternate material for solar cells which can provide not only increased values of efficiency but also at reasonably low cost. Tin Sulphide (SnS) is a promising nontoxic material with added advantages of being available in abundance and ease of development. However, extremely low values of efficiency (~ 5 %) reported in the literature for this material limit its use for any practical applications. We in this paper report our results of the simulations carried out on SnS based solar cell structure by inserting a 100 nm thin CZTSSe layer. An improvement in efficiency from 4.82 % to 7.83 % has been observed owing to an enhancement of open circuit voltage (V OC ) and fill factor (FF) which was found to be equal to 529 mV and 64.8%, respectively along with short circuit current density (J SC ) = 22.8 mA/cm 2 . Results reported here in this paper may lead to further interest in this material from the researchers working in the field to actually fabricate this structure and work on the other alternate ways as well to further improve upon the efficiency.
URI: 10.1109/PVSC40753.2019.8980459
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