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Title: Design and Simulation of Novel Perovskite/Mg2Si Based Monolithic Tandem Solar Cell with 25.5% Conversion Efficiency
Authors: Pathania A
Pandey R
Madan J
Sharma R.
Keywords: Solar cell
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: High thermalization losses associated with the single junction based solar cells demand the investigation of multilayer junction solar cell. Multilayer junction solar cell which comprises of top cell (high bandgap)/bottom cell (low bandgap) efficiently utilizes the solar spectrum. Perovskite/Si based tandem solar cells often require thick (>100 ?m) and high quality (large lifetime) Si wafer-based bottom subcell, which eventually increases overall module cost. In this work, relatively a much thinner layer of magnesium silicide (Mg 2 Si) of thickness 2?m is used to propose a novel perovskite/Mg 2 Si based tandem solar cell. Proposed device exhibits open circuit voltage (V OC ) = 1.67 V, short circuit current density (J SC ) = 19.9 mA. cm -2 , fill factor (FF) = 76 % and power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 25.5%. The results suggest the Mg 2 Si as an optimum choice with the band gap of 0.77 eV for the bottom cell of the tandem solar cell.
URI: 10.1109/PVSC40753.2019.8980777
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