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Title: Reconfigurable (H-T-E) DGS Monopole Antenna with Switchable Band Notch Characteritics for Wireless Applications
Authors: Sharma M
Kumar N.
Keywords: Triple Notch
H-T-E Stubs & Slots.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: In the presented manuscript, triple notched band monopole antenna is presented for different wireless applications. Hexagon-radiating patch is printed on one surface of substrate while rectangular ground on other side. Hexagon patch is etched with hexagon slot and embedded inverted T-shaped stub for mitigating interference caused by WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) band. Two symmetrical inverted E-shaped stub are also embedded in ground to remove interference caused by satellite downlink system in X-band leading to H-T-E stubs and slots in patch and ground. Designed antenna is characterized in terms of near field, far field and spatial regions. Antenna offers good impedance matching in operating band while preserving characteristics of notched bands and offers good stable gain, high radiation efficiency and required radiation pattern for monopole antenna which makes it suitable candidate for wireless applications. Propose antenna also exhibits good time domain analysis with compact dimensions of 20�20mm 2 .
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