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Title: Compact MIMO Diversity Antenna with Tapered Microstrip feed including 3.5/5.5GHz Band Notch Characteristics for Wireless Applications
Authors: Kapil M
Sharma M.
Keywords: Tapered
Parasitic Element
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: Presented research article discusses compact MIMO antenna with tapered microstrip for wideband matching of impedance. Antenna is characterized on Rogers RTDuroid5880 substrate with radiating patch on one plane and ground on other side. To mitigate the interference due to existing wireless system (WiMAX/C-Band: 3.30GHz-3.80GHz, 3.80GHz-4.20GHz and 5.150GHz-5.825GHz) two band stop filters in form of parasitic element conductor back plane and ?-shaped stubs are embedded on patch. Antenna is simulated to obtain characteristics which include Return Loss, Impedance Smith Chart for near field region and Gain, Radiation Efficiency and Radiation Pattern in Far Field region. Diversity performance of MIMO antenna is also studied by carrying out analysis such as Error Correlation Coefficient (ECC), Directive Gain (DG) and Total Active Reflection Coefficient (TARC). All the above said features of proposed antenna make it quite suitable for wireless MIMO applications.
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