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dc.contributor.authorKumar N-
dc.contributor.authorKumar P-
dc.contributor.authorSharma M.-
dc.description.abstractThis research article discusses monopole antenna designed for UWB (Ultrawideband) and X band applications. Patch is formed by merging two rectangular patches and modified rectangular ground plane leading to impedance bandwidth of 2.82GHz-15.73GHz. Antenna is also capable of removing three interfering bands namely Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX/C band: 3.30GHz - 3.80GHz / 3.80GHz - 4.20GHz), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN: 5.150GHz - 5.825GHz) and Downlink Satellite System (DSS: 7.25GHz - 7.75GHz). These interfering bands are further reconfigured by using RF PIN diode so that each interference can be controlled individually. WiMAX notched band is achieved by etching circular slot on radiating patch, WLAN is obtained by using C-shaped parasitic stubs near feed line and DSS notched band is due to T-shaped slot also etched on radiating patch. Designed antenna offers good frequency, space and time domain analysis with stable radiation pattern, maximum gain of 4.85dBi, radiation efficiency of 89%, acceptable impulse response and group delay ?0.20ns. The entire above designed features and results offers designed antenna for number of applications in wireless communication system.en_US
dc.publisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.en_US
dc.subjectX banden_US
dc.subjecttriple notchen_US
dc.subjectparasitic elements.en_US
dc.titleHigh Rejection plus Shape Radiating Patch Triple Notched UWB/X Band Reconfigurable Monopole Antenna for Imaging and Close Range Radar Applicationsen_US
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