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Title: A Technical Review Report on Cyber Crimes in India
Authors: Datta P
Panda S.N
Tanwar S
Kaushal R.K.
Keywords: Cyber Crime
Cyber Security
Online Scams
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: In modern society the role of Internet and computer system is well recognized. People are greatly benefited with the development of networking and cyber space but some people are using this development in unethical way to have some illegal benefits. Recently different types of Social-networking attacks are witnessed by social networking sites user. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) impersonation scams, along with technical support scams are the most common type of tricks used by the attackers on unsuspecting victims in order to achieve financial benefits. The ratio of cyber-crime in India is constantly rising due to various reasons. Cyber-crlminals are very difficult to trace and this advantage is fully utilize by scammers. In this paper an intensive review has been done on cyber-crime in India. The studies shows that fraud cases are increasing and the victims are mostly in the age group of 20 - 29 years. Mostly children and women are affected. Thus, awareness programs are required for preventing or avoiding cyber-crime in India.
URI: 10.1109/ESCI48226.2020.9167567
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