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Title: Design of Compact UHF-RFID Tag Antenna with Meander Line Technique
Authors: Fazilah A.F.M
Jusoh M
Zakaria A
Sabapathy T
Ibrahim M.F
Osman M.N
Yaasin M.N
Malhotra S
Rahim H.A.
Keywords: UHF-RFID Tag
Antenna with Meander Line Technique
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Abstract: In this paper, a compact UHF RFID tag antenna that can operate at Malaysia UHF RFID frequency (860 MHz � 960MHz) is proposed. The antenna with a common geometry structure without any shorting pin consists of 90degree angled line (meander line) and double T-match structure. The proposed antenna has been designed and simulated using CST Simulation software. The proposed tag antenna design shows a good performance in terms of size, gain and impedance with a dimension of 36 mm � 25 mm � 1.6 mm. The simulated gain of antenna obtained is -0.135 dB at 910 MHz with 19 MHz bandwidth.
URI: 10.1088/1757-899X/767/1/012058
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