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Title: Design and Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm on 7th Series Field Programmable Gate Array
Authors: Jindal P
Kaushik A
Kumar K.
Keywords: Advanced Encryption Standard
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: Transmission of data digitally is always susceptible to attacks. Analysis of cipher strength is a necessary part of the protection assessment of either corporate or academic institutions. So, a strong encryption method is required to secure data. Therefore, in 2001 United States National Institute of Standards and Technology i.e. (NIST) amended (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard, a specification for the encryption which was better than encoding Standard (DES). The AES Algorithm is purely based upon the design principle of substitution-permutation network and it is efficient in both software as well as hardware for encryption. The algorithm described is a symmetric-key algorithm, i.e. for encryption and decryption, a single identical secret key is used. It's absolved to use by public or private, commercial, etc. programs. So far, extensive research is being currently administered to spot techniques to further secure the AES algorithm. This research proposes the architecture as well as the execution of the AES i.e. Advanced Encryption Standard simulation, on two 7th series capital to investigate the comparison of cost and performance.
URI: 10.1109/ICSSS49621.2020.9202114
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