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Title: Effect of visceral manipulation on pain, mobility and functional disability in subjects with right shoulder adhesive capsulitis [Efeito da manipula��o visceral na dor, mobilidade e incapacidade funcional em pessoas com capsulite adesiva de ombro direito]
Authors: Ghillodia A
Gandhi B.K.
Keywords: Adhesive Capsulitis
Visceral Manipulation
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: BAHIANA - School of Medicine and Public Health
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Adhesive capsulitis is a common, painful and debilitating condition of the glenohumeral joint affecting about 2-5% of the population. Internal organs and musculoskeletal system are inter-connected through the support membranes. Tension in these support membranes may further cause mechanical restrictions and pain in musculoskeletal structures and also restrict the mobility of the visceral organ. OBJECTIVE: To explore the effect of organ specific visceral manipulation on adhesive capsulitis in subjects with right shoulder adhesive capsulitis. METHODOLOGY: Twenty subjects with adhesive capsulitis were assessed for eligibility, out of which fourteen subjects were recruited using convenience sampling method. Two sessions of Placebo Visceral Manipulation was administered for the first two weeks, followed by a two sessions of visceral manipulation of liver for next two weeks. Digital goniometer, Shoulder pain and disability index and Modified sphygmomanometer were used to measure the pre and post outcomes. RESULTS: Between group comparison of the outcomes showed a statistically significant difference in the shoulder range of motions scores [flexion (p=0.001), external rotation (p=0.001) and internal rotation (p=0.001)] and Shoulder pain and disability index score (0.004). No significant changes were observed in the strength outcome. CONCLUSION: Two sessions of visceral manipulation for the liver may be beneficial in improving the right shoulder mobility, pain and disability.
URI: 10.17267/2238-2704rpf.v10i4.3292
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