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Title: The ameliorating approach of nanorobotics in the novel drug delivery systems: a mechanistic review
Authors: Sindhu R K
Kaur H
Kumar M
Sofat M
Yapar E A
Esenturk I
Kara B A
Kumar P
Keshavarzi Z
Keywords: Nanorobotics
Electronics sensing
Drug Delivery
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Journal of Drug Targeting
Abstract: Nanoscale robotics have the ability that it can productively transform multiple energy sources into motion and strength which reflects an expeditiously appearing and captivating area for research of robotics. In today�s plethora, biomedical nanorobotics played an intricate character with numerous units of robots working at the pathological site in a coordinated manner. The synergistic action of the several nanorobotics has been employed for the fulfilment of the task such as large-scale detoxification, delivery of the large pharmacological/therapeutic efficacious payloads, etc. that is nearly unfeasible or unalterable practically by using single nanorobot. The collective intelligence of the nanorobot is advancing progressively at the nanoscale to reinforce their precision treatment potentially. Conclusively, after obtaining certain consideration regarding the nanorobotics sciences, many professionals are compendiously involving in the emerging highly efficacious therapeutic technology that encourages the scientist or designing of the tissues specific for the site-specific nanorobotic diagnostic devices. As a result, the closed and professional type between the field of Nanotechnology and Medical Sciences will provide another new highly oriented level to the domain of nanorobotics.
URI: 10.1080/1061186X.2021.1892122
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