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Title: Scrutinizing the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of nanotechnology in thyroid cancer: Edifying drug targeting by nano-oncotherapeutics
Authors: Ghazy E
Kumar A
Barani M
Kaur I
Rahdar A
Behl T
Keywords: Thyroid cancer
Nano-diagnostic approaches
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
Abstract: The dearth of potential of diagnostic and treatment methods hinders the fight against tumors. The advances in nanotechnology are emerging, expressing countless latent applications, whereas, the DNA damaging conventional approach of anti-cancer therapy is associated with low stability in acidic environment, untargeted release, low solubility and biocompatibility, thus establishing a dire need to develop a specific, accurate and reliable approach. Thyroid cancer is cancer of the butterfly shaped thyroid gland, which is more common to women, and is prevalent up to 43% in patients between 65 and 45 years of age. The adequacy of surgical strategies, like thyroidectomy and nutraceutical approaches are associated with certain challenges and still need to be investigated further. The progressing nanotechnology-based diagnostic methods have some advantages, like primarily faster testing and early disease detection, which attracts the researchers to study and evaluate the potential of this therapy in thyroid cancer. The high intensity fluorescent quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, liposomal nanocarrier systems, niosomes and polymeric nanoparticles (10�1000 nm) are elaborated for their role in treatment and diagnosis in biomarker detection in thyroid cancer, exhibiting well-suited results than conventional diagnostic procedures. The authors aim to provide a wide prospect of nano-platform in thyroid cancer, followed by current and future possibilities of oncology-based therapy and screening methods. Cancer therapeutics objective has always been "finding a needle in a haystack", therefore, the review invokes possible clinical utility of nano-oncotherapeutics treatment in thyroid carcinoma, motivating the researchers to investigate the future directions and challenges associated with it.
URI: 10.1016/j.jddst.2020.102221
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