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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2018Distinguishing Features of Radioactive Compound Nucleus Decays within the Dynamical Clusterdecay Model., HEMDEEP; CHOPRA, SAHILA; KAUSHAL, POOJA; GUPTA, RAJ K.
5-Feb-2018Mass Attenuation Coefficient Measurements of Some Nanocarbon Allotropes: A New Hope for Better Low Cost Less-Cumbersome Radiation Shielding Over A Wide Energy RangeRAJASEKHAR, E.; NARASIMHAM, K.L.; KURDEKAR, ADITYA D.; CHUNDURI, L.A. AVINASH; PATNAIK, SANDEEP; VENKATARAMANIAH, K.
5-Feb-2018Effective Atomic Number Dependence of Radiological Parameters of Some Organic Compounds at 122 KeV Gamma RaysSINGH, MOHINDER; TONDON, AKASH; SINGH, BHAJAN; SANDHU, B. S.
5-Feb-2018Evolution of Shapes and Search for Shape Coexistence in Sd-Shell NucleiKUMAWAT, M.; SAXENA, G.; KAUSHIK, M.; JAIN, S. K.; AGGARWAL, MAMTA
5-Feb-2018The Three-Body Structure of 2n and 2p Halo NucleiSREEJA, I.; BALASUBRAMANIAM, M.
5-Feb-2018Shape Coexistence in Hot Rotating 100NbAGGARWAL, MAMTA
5-Feb-2018Clustering aspects in 20Ne Alpha-conjugate Nuclear SystemKAUR, MANPREET; SINGH, BIRBIKRAM; PATRA, S.K.; GUPTA, RAJ K.
6-Aug-2018Redistribution of Nickel Ions Embedded within Indium Phosphide Via Low Energy Dual Ion ImplantationsJones, Daniel C.; Young, Joshua M.; Lakshantha, Wickramaarachchige J.; Singh, Satyabrata; Byers, Todd A.; Weathers, Duncan L.; McDaniel, Floyd D.; Rout, Bibhudutta
6-Aug-2018Radon in Workplaces the Urgent Need of New Measurements and DevicesTommasino, L; Espinosa, G
6-Aug-2018Improvements to the X-ray Spectrometer at the Aerosol Laboratory, Instituto de F�sica, UNAMMejía-Ponce, L V; Hernández-López, A E; Reynoso-Cruces, S; Pineda, J C; Mendoza-Flores, J A; Miranda, J