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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2017Possible Alpha and 14 C Cluster Emission From Hyper Radium Nuclei in The Mass Region A = 202 - 235Santhosh, K. P.; Nithya, C.
6-Feb-2017Understanding the Basics of Final Unification With Three Gravitational Constants Associated With Nuclear, Electromagnetic and Gravitational InteractionsSESHAVATHARAM, U. V. S.; LAKSHMINARAYANA, S.
6-Feb-2017Influence of Mo6+ on Dielectric properties of Copper FerritesRao, B.V.; Narayana, P.V.L.; Rao, A.D.P.
6-Feb-2017Heavy-ion Fusion Cross Sections of 32S on 90,96Zr Targets Using Coulomb and Proximity PotentialSANTHOSH, K. P.; JOSE, V. BOBBY
6-Feb-2017The Dependence of Surface Diffuseness Parameter on N/Z Ratio of The Fusion of Neutron-Rich Colliding NucleiMittal, Suman; Dutt, Ishwar
6-Feb-2017Determination of Cu, Zn, Mn & Fe Metals in Soil Employing the EDXRF & FAAS Techniques and Comparative Study of ResultsSINGH, VIRENDRA; PADALIA, DIWAKAR; DEVLAL, KAMAL
6-Feb-2017Binary Fission fragmentation of 184 466,476XSubramanian, S.; Karthikraj, C.; Selvaraj, S.
7-Aug-2017Radon Exhalation from Industrial Residues as Suitable Additives for Building MaterialsBARROS, H; ESPINOSA, G; RODRIGUEZ, W; BOHUS, L SAJO
7-Aug-2017Atomic Multiplet and Charge Transfer Effects in the Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (RIXS) Spectra at the Nickel L2,3 Edge of NiF2MIER, J JIMÉNEZ; VELASCO, P OLALDE; MORA, P DE LA; YANG, W-L; DENLINGER, J
7-Aug-2017Sperm Hyperactivation and Capacitation Induced By Light Stimuli in Cryopreserved SemenSOTO, V.; FUENTES, M.A.; NAVIDAD, G.; MEZA, R.N.; MANDUJANO, L.A.; SALAZAR, A.G.; FERNÁNDEZ, C.; GARCÍA, C.; PÉREZ, Y.E. FELIPE; GONZÁLEZ, D. OSORIO