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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2014Applications of Hubble volume in atomic physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, quantum physics and cosmic physicsSeshavatharam, U. V. S.; Lakshminarayana, S.
22-Feb-2014Alignment Studies for Tungsten Near L3 Sub-Shell Threshold Via Theoretical, Experimental and Empirical MethodsSharma, Ajay; Mittal, Raj
22-Feb-2014Surface wear studies in some materials using α-induced reactionsSingh, Devendra P.; Sharma, Vijay R.; Yadav, Abhishek; Unnati, Unnati; Singh, B. P.; Prasad, R.; Singh, Pushpendra P.; Sharma, M. K.; Bhardwaj, H. D.
22-Feb-2014Prospects of Dark Matter Direct Search under Deep Sea Water in IndiaSingh, V.; Subrahmanyam, V. S.; Singh, L.; Singh, M. K.; Sharma, V.; Chouhan, N. S.; Jaiswal, M. K.; Soma, A. K.
22-Feb-2014Partial as Well as Total Photon Interaction Effective Atomic Numbers for Some ConcretesSingh, Tejbir; ingh, Parjit S. S
22-Feb-2014Cluster radioactivity in 127IBalasubramaniam, M.; Manimaran, K.
22-Feb-2014Third harmonic generation of a short pulse laser in a tunnel ionizing plasma: Effect of self-defocusingKant, Niti
2-Feb-2014Level Statistics of SU(3)↔SU(3)Transitional RegionP, H. Sabri; Gavifekr, Hossein Nezhade; Ranjbar, Z.; Fouladi, N.
20-Mar-2014Probable Projectile-Target Combinations for the Synthesis of Super Heavy Nucleus 286112Santhosh, K. P.; Jose, V. Bobby
22-Feb-2014Fission dynamics: the quest of a temperature dependent nuclear viscosityVardaci, E.; Brondi, A.; Rana, G. La; Moro, R.; Nitto, A. Di; Nadtochy, P.N.; Cinausero, M.; Prete, G.; Gelli, N.; Kozulin, E. M.; Knyazheva, G.N.