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Title: Nutraceuticals in neurological disorders
Authors: Makkar R
Behl T
Bungau S
Zengin G
Mehta V
Kumar A
Uddin M.S
Ashraf G.M
Abdel-Daim M.M
Arora S
Oancea R.
Keywords: Neurological disorders
herbal therapeutics
food supplements
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: MDPI AG
Abstract: Neurological diseases are one of the major healthcare issues worldwide. Posed lifestyle changes are associated with drastically increased risk of chronic illness and diseases, posing a substantial healthcare and financial burden to society globally. Researchers aim to provide fine treatment for ailing disorders with minimal exposed side effects. In recent decades, several studies on functional foods have been initiated to obtain foods that have fewer side effects and increased therapeutic activity. Hence, an attempt has been made to unravel several extraction techniques to acquire essential bioactive compounds or phytochemicals from therapeutically active food products. This has led to the conception of the term functional foods being meddled with other similar terms like �pharmafoods,� �medifoods�, �vitafoods�, or �medicinal foods�. With a dire need to adhere towards healthy options, the demand of nutraceuticals is widely increasing to combat neurological interventions. An association between food habits and the individual lifestyle with neurodegeneration has been manifested, thereby proposing the role of nutraceuticals as prophylactic treatment for neurological interventions. The current review covers some of the major neurological disorders and nutraceutical therapy in the prevention of disease
URI: 10.3390/ijms21124424
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