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Title: Investigational study on awareness of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) among people of Zirakpur (Punjab) region
Authors: Gupta M
Kaur A
Singh T.G
Arora S
Bedi O.
Keywords: NAFLD
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Plant Archives
Abstract: To assess the knowledge, state of awareness and approach towards the NAFLD among the people of Zirakpur region with the help of a survey questionnaire, in order to assess the awareness about various diagnostic parameters and effect of exercise and dietary habits on the progression of NAFLD. A quantitative approach was used to collect and convert the data into the numerical form and represented in statistical view. A survey was conducted among the general people of Zirakpur. The participants were randomly selected regardless of their age, gender and level of education. A self-structured Questionnaire was designed to collect the simple background data and the required information. We provided the questionnaires to the interested participants and for those who are not able to understand the English language, were interviewed by communicating in local language. After collecting the data, an analysis was performed with the help of Microsoft Excel and Graphpad prism. The result was shown in pie and column chart and calculated the percentage of the results. In the current survey total 90 people were participated out of which 51% were females and 48% were male respondents, among them 3.3% overweight and 6.6% obese are at the risk of metabolic diseases which are associated with obesity. Some of the participants have certain other diseases like diabetes, hypercholesteraemia which are associated with NAFLD and may lead to its progression. In our study 7.77% were diabetics, 8.88% were hypercholesteraemic, 5.55% were suffering from thyroid disorder and 5.55% were suffering from hypertension. Majority of participants (65%) were never undergone for any diagnostic test, only 25.5% were aware of SGOT and SGPT parameters. Majority of people have never come across the term NAFLD, 56.6% of total participants have never heard about NAFLD, 5.5% are those who have heard about it and suffering from it where as 3.3% are those who have never heard about NAFLD but suffering from this devastating disorder. Majority of the population is unaware of NAFLD regardless of their age, gender and education. Hence there is a need to spread awareness about NAFLD through Mass media, workshops, one day programmes, by posters, by patient counselling, in order to get control on prevention, early detection, and treatment.
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